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Don't want the hassle of having to order a multitude of things for your new puppy? We have you covered!

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Deluxe puppy starter pack - $515

We will order everything listed below that you will need for your new German Shepherd puppy. These are essential dog products that you will need for your German Shepherd including: a leather leash, a collar, a kennel, Herm Sprenger training prong collar, crate bedding, crate cover, a toy, a full bag of food, 96 oz. stainless steel bowl, and a tool to groom your new fur baby. We will even include a complimentary bottle of organic shampoo! 

Standard starter puppy pack - $375 (*Includes everything in the Deluxe pack except for dog crate cover, 42" dog crate bed, and Herm Sprenger collar*)


We really love using the Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash 6 ft - K9 Walking Training Leads for German Shepherds. It's very strong and durable, and you never have to worry about it snapping in half. 


For a crate we use the 42"  Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate. It works great for full grown German shepherds, and you'll be able to wash out the sliding tray in the event any accidents should occur. 

Herm Sprenger

We highly recommend the Herm Sprenger collar. A safe and practical tool for training, this collar is designed to let dogs know when it’s time to heel. It’s great for taking large dogs or tough pullers on a walk, protecting you and them from getting into a dangerous situation.

Cage cover

To make a GSD's crate feel more like a den, we like to provide them with this cover so they have a bit more privacy. It's a single door polyester Dog Crate Cover with mesh windows, perfect for customizing your dog's crate!

Dog mattress

We like for our dogs to have a nice place to sleep! We use JoicyCo Dog Bed Crate Pad 42 in. washable pet bed. It's soft, fits inside of the kennel, and is washable in the event an accident should occur!

food bowl

For food bowls, we love to keep it simple. We use the 96 oz. Van Ness stainless steel bowls like this, which are suitable for medium to large dogs. Highly recommended to get this!

Purina Pro Plan

Every dog will be different, but we believe that using the Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 dog food would be a good place to start with your new puppy! This food is slightly more costly, but will ensure proper development of your pet. Feeding your puppy the correct food is important, so don't dismiss it!

Chew balls

Your puppy is going to need lots of toys for entertainment and exercise! One toy our GSD absolutely loves are balls. It's great for playing fetch, which is excellent exercise for your German shepherd, and these balls are not easily chewed up at all. Ours is still intact with no scratches on it after constant use!

Dog grooming tool

We personally love using this Pet Grooming Tool! Regular brushing easily removes dead undercoat and overcoat nicely. Skin massage ensures better blood circulation promoting healthy and shiny coat. Great for use before and after baths too!!

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